May 30, 2004: 2004 Newsletter

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We are starting our second year in our contract with NEI to pickup garbage and recycling.  Just a few reminders:

  • Trash and recycling should be placed at the curb after 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening but before 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday.  As the pickup schedule can change at any time, please have your trash and recycling out to the curb during the contracted time.  Placing the trash to the curb too early, especially on windy or rainy/snowy days, can create a mess, which in turn could result in your garbage and recycling being refused.  Placing it out after 6:30 a.m. could result in your address being missed.
  • The following holidays will affect the garbage and recycling pickup day.  If this holiday falls on or before our pickup day, the pickup will be delayed one day:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Therefore, if any of these holidays falls on Wednesday or earlier, pickup that week will be on Thursday.


Enclosed with this newsletter is a flyer from NEI regarding recycling and refuse removal. We suggest you save this for future reference.  Please read it thoroughly and do your part to help make this service problem-free!

Niagara County Refuse will be sponsoring another household hazardous waste drop off this year at four locations throughout the county.  This service is free to county residents, with proof of residency.  The drop off days and places are:


July 24, 2004               758 Erie Avenue, North Tonawanda

August 14, 2004          1785 New Road, Niagara Falls

August 28, 2004          100 Davison Road, Lockport

October 23, 2004   3542 Wruck Road, Hartland


Stop in at or call the Village Hall for more information regarding this.  There is a flyer available listing what can and can't be dropped off.



Brush chipping is scheduled for each Monday during the spring, summer, and fall.  There is no brush chipping done during January, February, or March, unless there is excessive winter storm damage.  If a holiday falls on a Monday, or if there is an emergency, the chipping will be done on Tuesday. 


Brush is to be placed at the curb, butt side towards the street.  PLEASE DO NOT PLACE ROOTS, STUMPS, GRAPEVINES OR ROSEBUSHES OUT FOR CHIPPING!  These items can cause the machine to jam and possibly injure the workers.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in all brush remaining on site.  Brush should not be put out to the curb before Sunday evening.


Please help keep our community clean!  As we advised in the past, the Board of Trustees passed a much more comprehensive code to enforce property maintenance in March 2002 that could result in a hefty fine for non-compliance.    This code addresses unlicensed cars, rubbish, etc. If you continuously place garbage and recycling and/or brush to the curb too early, you could be cited under this code.  More information regarding this may be obtained by calling the Code Enforcement Officer at 772-7826 or the Village Hall at 735-3303.


Another item for future reference:  if you read the signs as you enter the Village, you will note that parking on Village streets is prohibited from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.  However, the Police Department mainly enforces this from the first Sunday in November through the first Sunday in April each year.  Cars can interfere with snow removal, so parking overnight on Village streets during the winter could result in a ticket!


Commencing with the May 2004 water billing, all unpaid water/sewer accounts will be strictly dealt with.  Any account with an outstanding balance after 60 days will have the water shut off.  There will be no exceptions to this.  Your account must be paid in full each quarter or the water will be shut off each quarter and remain off until payment is made in full.  Please note that we cannot take partial payments on water/sewer accounts.



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