December 21, 2009

A regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Monday, December 21, 2009, in the Village Hall. Mayor Maedl opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Also present were Deputy Mayor Conley, Trustee Sarchia, Trustee Westcott, Coordinator Dodge, Police Chief Swick, ClerkTreasurer Schweigert, and Michael Norris, attorney. Trustee Bateman was absent. Clerk Schweigert led the Pledge of Allegiance. Several students and Legion Commander Kathy Kindle were in attendance, as well. A motion was made by Deputy Mayor Conley, and seconded by Trustee Westcott, to approve the minutes of the November 16, 2009, meeting. Carried. A motion was made by Trustee Westcott, and seconded by Trustee Sarchia, to authorize payment of claims submitted on Abstract No. 7-0910: General: $35,515.22; Water: $1,659.24; Sewer: $7,561.67; Total: $44,736.13. Carried. A motion was made by Trustee Sarchia, and seconded by Deputy Mayor Conley, to approve payrolls number 13 and 14, for weeks ending November 28 and December 12, 2009. Carried. A motion was made by Deputy Mayor Conley, and seconded by Trustee Westcott, to make the following budget transfers: TO FROM AMOUNT A1325.11 A8160.4 $ 18.18 A1325.12 A8160.4 $ 54.54 A1910.4 A8160.4 $200.00 A7550.4 A8160.4 $175.00 A8010.4 A8160.4 $100.00 TOTAL: $547.72 Carried. A motion was made by Trustee Westcott, and seconded by Trustee Sarchia, to authorize the Clerk-Treasurer to submit the 9th principal payment on January 2, 2010, for the EFC Water System Serial Bonds-2000. Payment to be made from the Sewer Account as follows: Principal: $20,000.00; Interest: 3,065.08; Total: $23,065.08. Carried. The Treasurer’s report was submitted and accepted for the month of November 2009. The Public Works report was submitted and accepted for the month of November 2009. Discussed sewer issue. The main on Telegraph Road near Trustee Sarchia’s insurance office continues to get plugged. Coordinator Dodge believes that the pipes may have shifted and are no longer in alignment, creating flow issues. Sewage from the Sr. Housing nearby gets caught. A letter will be sent from Mayor Maedl to the owner of the senior housing reminding that large items should not be sent through the sewer system. This area may need to be dug up for repairs in the spring, if not sooner. The Village and Town Police reports were submitted and accepted for the month of November 2009, with Chief Swick reading the highlights. A motion was made by Trustee Westcott, and seconded by Trustee Sarchia, to hold the Village Election on Tuesday, March 16, 2010. The polling place will be the Village Hall, and polls will be open from 12 o’clock noon until 9:00 p.m. Carried. Clerk Schweigert will contact the Niagara County Board of Elections to determine if we will be using the old mechanical or new electronic voting machines. Correspondence was read: Received notification that Pony’s is renewing their liquor license Received a letter from HSBC regarding some changes in fund guarantees Mayor Maedl read a letter from Kanoeing for Kids, in which they thanked Mr. Dodge for his assistance when they were canoeing the canal and didn’t have a placed to stay. They also thanked the Middleport Police Department and someone from Tri-Town Ambulance for their help at this time. The sent a certificate of appreciation along with their letter of thanks. Mayor Maedl asked the Trustees to review the proposed local law sent by Attorney Seaman regarding boats and recreational vehicles. It will be discussed at the January Board meeting. Mayor Maedl advised the Board that Attorney Seaman is working on a noise ordinance and will present it for discussion at the January Board meeting. Deputy Mayor Conley asked for a status on 66 Main Street. Chief Swick advised that an eviction hearing was held on December 16, 2009. The resident was given five days by Judge Bass that she can be on the property to get her stuff out of the building and out of the yard. She must be gone by January 6, 2010. The owner has been advised by the judge that anything still on the property on January 7 may be put out with the trash. The new antiques business that is now at 66 Main Street is very upset with all of this as it is taking away from their business. People think the “yard sale” items are part of their business. Mr. Dodge asked for permission to dispose of two old plow wings that were given to the village by another municipality and are currently stored at the wastewater treatment plant. He does not believe they could be retrofitted to be used by one of our trucks. He was given permission to take them to salvage and sell. Mr. Dodge asked about a dozen streetlight lamps that are also stored at the WWTP. Discussion ensued as to where these came from. May be old poles that were on Main Street prior to the State’s job in 1995 to upgrade Main Street. If they are salvageable, he will put them elsewhere for storage to use in the future, possibly along the canal bank. If they are not salvageable, he may dispose of as he sees fit. Mayor Maedl asked for the status of the light that is to be moved to Kelly Avenue. Mr. Dodge replied that all of the paperwork requested by National Grid has been submitted. He will check on the status of this. Also discussed streetlights that are out throughout the Village. Many have been reported several times to National Grid by Clerk Schweigert, Chief Swick, and Mr. Dodge. To date not many have been repaired. Chief Swick spoke to a NG repairman who was in the Village last week and showed him some lights that were out. Chief now has a direct number for this man and will contact him directly in the future regarding street lights that are out. The NG repairman told Chief Swick that Middleport is one of the few municipalities that takes the time to report streetlights that are out. Chief Swick showed the Board the plaque his department recently received from AAA. The MPD received a silver award for traffic safety. Chief Swick is aiming for the gold next year. Chief Swick presented the application of a candidate for the Middleport Police Department who he would like to hire. Sean Campas comes highly recommended by the Niagara County Sheriff. As the Sheriff’s Department was considering him for employment last year, they had an extensive background search done, which they shared with Chief Swick. Mr. Campas has completed phase I of the Erie County Police Academy. He currently resides in North Tonawanda and is 33 years old. Discussed start date and wages. We must have him working ASAP, due to the creation of a new retirement tier by NYS Retirement that goes into effect in January 2010. Mr. Campas will be a replacement for Officer Riley, who retired in September 2008. A motion was made by Trustee Westcott, and seconded by Deputy Mayor Conley, to hire Sean Campas beginning December 28, 2009, at a starting rate of $11 per hour. Carried. Legion Commander Kathy Kindle addressed the Board. The Legion has a program to recognize police officers, EMTs, and firefighters for going above and beyond in the line of duty. They do not have to be veterans to be honored. She would like Middleport’s Clute Phillips Legion Post to be more active with this. Chief Swick will spearhead this. Commander Kindle will get more information to him regarding this program. Trustee Westcott updated the Board on the CMS. He and Deputy Mayor Conley attended an informational session held at Alternative Grounds. Members of the Royalton Hartland School Board were there, and they disclosed some disturbing information. They would like to move the school campus out of the village. If they do, the property will more than likely need to be rezoned in order for it to be useable. They see it as becoming senior housing or something along that line. If it becomes residential, all of the remedial work done there would have to be redone to lower numbers to accommodate the residential nature of the property. Discussion ensued regarding this. This would be a very expensive undertaking and not one that is readily embraced by the RH taxpayers. The agency and FMC personnel were very surprised by this information as they had not been informed in the past of this possibility. It could cause major changes in the CMS and the school should have revealed their intentions earlier. The next regular Board Meeting is Tuesday, January 19, 2010, at 7:00 p.m. (This is the third Tuesday due to the federal holiday, Martin Luther King Day, on Monday, January 18, 2010). There being no further business, a motion was made by Deputy Mayor Conley, and seconded by Trustee Sarchia, to adjourn. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:43 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Rebecca A. Schweigert Clerk-Treasurer
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