May 16, 2009

A regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Monday, May 16, 2009, in the Village Hall. Mayor Maedl opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Also present were Trustee Bateman, Trustee Sarchia, Trustee Westcott, Police Chief Swick, ClerkTreasurer Schweigert, and Daniel E. Seaman, attorney. Deputy Mayor Conley and Coordinator Dodge were absent. Chief Swick led the Pledge of Allegiance. There were several Village residents in attendance, as well. A motion was made by Trustee Bateman, and seconded by Trustee Sarchia, to approve the minutes of the April 20, 2009, meeting. Carried. A motion was made by Trustee Westcott, and seconded by Trustee Bateman, to authorize payment of bills submitted on Abstract 12-X in the amount of: General: $47,984.98; Water: $539.53; Sewer: $12,763.77; Total: $61,288.28. Carried. A motion was made by Trustee Sarchia, and seconded by Trustee Westcott, to authorize the following transfers: TO FROM AMOUNT A1440.4 A8160.4 $1,642.50 A1920.4 A1010.4 90.00 A3620.4 A1910.4 333.49 A7110.4 A7110.2 918.11 17310.41 A1910.4 900.00 A7550.4 A5410.4 3.28 A5010.4 A5410.4 1,550.00 F9030.8 F1990.4 335.79 G8120.4 G1990.4 3,810.14 G9055.8 G1990.4 23.25 TOTAL: $9,606.52 Carried. The Treasurer’s report was submitted and accepted for the month of April 2009. The Public Works report was submitted and accepted for the month of April 2009. The Village and Town Police reports were submitted and accepted for the month of April 2009, with Chief Swick reading the highlights. The Code Enforcement report was submitted and accepted for the month of April 2009. There will be no refuse/recycle pickup Wednesday, May 27, due to the Memorial Day holiday. Regular pickup will be on Thursday, May 28, 2009. Water and sewer billing for the quarter ending May 1, 2009 were as follows: Water: $ 56,786.15; Sewer: $ 55,803.36; Total: $112,589.51. Carried. Amount of unpaid water bills as of April 30, 2009, added onto 2009 - 2010 tax roll: $12,408.82. Amount of mowing charges for abandoned properties added to 2009-2010 tax roll: $1,140. Total added to tax warrant: $13,548.82. Correspondence was read: Information on West Nile Virus was received from the Niagara County Health department Communications from FMC regarding testing of Village properties Hold Harmless agreement from the school. Okayed by Mr. Seaman to approve. This must be in place to have the swim program. Digital Towpath information. Trustee Westcott asked if the Board would give FMC an opinion regarding the 16 properties that consented to testing but will not be included in the CMS study. Now they have to declare that testing was done and could be held responsible for clean up. Discussed issue. Trustee Westcott will get more information to Mr. Seaman regarding this. The Agencies and FMC will be at the June 10 CIG meeting. Received a quote from Service Office Supply to get permanent donation signs for installation on the electric hookups for boaters. The cost will be $15.95 per sign. We will need to order 15 – 20 of them. If we get 18 signs, the cost will be $287.10. A motion was made by Trustee Westcott, and seconded by Trustee Sarchia to purchase the signs. Carried. A motion was made by Trustee Westcott, and seconded by Trustee Bateman, to authorize Mayor Maedl to execute the contract with Digital Towpath to get a Village website going. The cost is $600 per year. Carried. A motion was made by Trustee Bateman, and seconded by Trustee Westcott, to authorize Mayor Maedl to execute the police contract with the Town of Royalton as written by the Village attorney. Carried. Discussed Niagara Foods expansion. Mr. Seaman advised that during his last conversation with Robert Neumann, he was told that Niagara Foods is not going to go ahead with it. They are looking for new property. Nature’s Way, the company doing the remediation for the Fire Department, has asked for a letter from the Village confirming that the dirt is being moved from Village property to Village property. Mr. Seaman would like more information before advising the Board on this. Mr. Dodge will be asked to get more information and let Mr. Seaman know. Discussed wall at Dominick’s Place (29 Main Street). This can be discussed at a future meeting. Mr. Dodge and Mr. Arlington must discuss with Mr. Seaman. There is no reason the Village can’t get ready to move on this. Mayor Maedl will talk to Mr. Arlington about this. Discussed street light on corner of Kelly Avenue and Francis Street. Some complaints that it is too dark there to walk at night. Will contact National Grid about a new light at Kelly Avenue. Mr. Dodge and Chief Swick will check into this. Discussed light at Scout House. Driveway is too dark. May have a motion detector put in. Everyone was reminded of the Sesquicentennial Picnic on Sunday, May 24 at Rotary Park and the Memorial Day celebrations on Monday starting with the parade at noon. Mike Cooley, 3 Francis Street asked about the code for storing stuff on front porches. He was advised that if he sees code violations, he should report them to Mr. Arlington or Clerk Schweigert. Discussed flooding on Francis Street. The Village has looked into several solutions, but all are very costly. Contrary to popular perception, flooding has lessened since repairs were made to the sewer line behind 80 Telegraph Road. Extreme flooding was experienced this past winter because on two occasions we had snow melt of 24 inches in less than 24 hours. Marge and Charles Perry, 33 Kelly Avenue, asked the Board to address the letter sent to Board members regarding the tree in their front yard. It is causing a lot of mess for them, and they’d like it taken down. Mr. Seaman explained that the Village’s policy is to leave trees intact as long as possible. They are there for everyone’s enjoyment. Mayor Maedl advised that it is possible that too many trees were planted in the Perrys’ front yard per DEC regulations. She will have the Tree Board check into this & if they recommend a take down, then maybe one could be removed. There are three trees where there probably should have only been one planted. Don Heschke, owner of Sigmamotor at 3 N. Main Street, advised the Board that he would like to expand again. Discussed plans. He handed out a copy of a map of the property with sketched in information. The Board will help as they can, but they need more information before they can agree to anything. He will get architectural renditions and return to the Board. Mr. Seaman will check into if the property needs to be rezoned at 5 Terry Street to accommodate the expansion. Discussed recreation program. Trustee Westcott advised that Heather Pedini is interested in running the program. Clerk Schweigert advised she’d heard from Ashley Herriven, who is interested in working this summer again. Ashley also advised that Richard Francisconi would like to work this summer, too. He was a volunteer last summer for the program. Heather will be running the program this year, not Ashley, who has run it the past two summers. Ashley was advised on how to get an application and was advised how to get an application to Richard. Discussed changing the DPW personnel’s work hours to four 10-hour days again this year. Discussed trying four 9-hour days and 4 hours on Friday. Chief Swick and Clerk Schweigert brought up a few kinks in last year’s 4-day work week. The Board will try the 9-hour + 4-hour work week this year and decide in the future if an adjusted work week should be permanent for summers. Although the Board would have preferred discussing this with Mr. Dodge present, they didn’t want to wait until the June meeting as he had asked for a change in schedule to start June 1, 2009. A motion was made by Trustee Westcott, and seconded by Trustee Bateman, to have the DPW schedule be four 9-hour days and one 4-hour day for the summer from June 1, 2009, through September 4, 2009. Carried. The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will be Monday, June 15, 2009, at 7:00 p.m. There being no other business, a motion was made by Trustee Bateman, and seconded by Trustee Sarchia, to adjourn. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Rebecca A. Schweigert Clerk-Treasurer
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