Zoning & Code Enforcement

Brian Belson

24 Main St.
P.O. Box 186
Middleport, NY 14105
(716) 735-3303
Zoning and other Village Codes are enforced by this Department.

This department is responsible for enforcing the Village's non-criminal codes, including the Zoning Code. 


Building permits are issued by the Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer.


Hours of Operation:

 Mr. Belson will be in the office Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  He will be available  Mondays through Wednesdays after 4 p.m. by appointment only. 


This department can be contacted through the Clerk's office at 735-3303 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. or via the above-listed email address.  

How do I report a problem?
If you observe a Village code being violated, you may either contact the Village Hall at 735-3303 or the Code Enforcement Officer at the above-listed email address.
What do I do if my neighbor's yard is a mess?

In 2002, the Village Board adopted a tougher Property Maintenance Code.


Per Village Code Chapter 143, Property Maintenance, §143-3, no person, as owner, occupant, lessee or agent, or in any capacity, shall store, deposit, place maintain, grow or cause or permit to e stored, deposited, placed or maintained or grown outdoors any abandoned, junked, discarded, wholly or partially  dismantled, unlicensed, unregistered or non-cod-compliant motor vehicle or any solid waste, rubbish or debris, or grass or weeds in excess of six inches in height, upon any private property withiin the Village.

The yard next door has overgrown grass. Do I have to put up with that?
No, Village Code states that grass may not be in excess of six inches in height.  Call the Village Hall or contact the Code Enforcement Officer at the above email address to report a lawn that needs mowing.  A letter will be sent to the owner of record of the property.  Should the grass remain overgrown following this contact, the DPW will mow the lawn and the cost will be added to the property's Village taxes.
Can I have a campfire at my house?

The Village of Middleport enforce's the Niagara County Health Department's Open Burning law.  An excerpt of a memo (dated June 23, 2009) from the Niagara County Health Department on this issue reads:  


Chapter XII of the Niagara County Sanitary Code allows campfires used soley for recreation purposes, when a public health nuisance is not created.  Campfires must be attended, self-contained, and limited to 4 (four) logs of dry wood, not to exceed 18 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter.  


If the smoke from your fire bothers a neighbor, the police will ask you to put it out, as a complaint makes the fire a public health nuisance.   


What can I do if my neighbor's campfire is bothering me?
See the answer to "Can I have a campfire at my house?"  If the smoke from someone's campfire is bothering you, please call the Middleport Police Department at 735-3700 and ask for a Middleport Police Officer to be dispatched to your residence.  If you live outside the Village, call the Niagara County Sheriff's Department at 438-3393 (non-emergencies).
Building permit application.  
Pool Information (PDF - 1.4 MB)
Information for pool owners.
Complete this document if your property does not meet Village code for area when planning to build.  If you have any questions, please contact the Zoning & Code Enforcement officer.
Use this application for a variance if the plans for your property use do not match the zoning for that area.  If you have any questions, please contact the Zoning & Code Enforcement officer.
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