Snow removal

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When the snow flies, the DPW is out there cleaning off the streets as soon as practicable. 
Is it ok to push snow out of my driveway and across the street?

NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law Sec. 1219 and NYS Highway Law Section 214 prohibit the placing or leaving of snow, ice or any other substance upon any highway or street (which includes pavement, shoulders, and ditches).  In the past few years, the practice of plowing or depositing snow from private driveways or private property onto the highway has increased significantly, especially after roadways have been cleared and snow has been plowed by the Public Works Department.


Serious accidents can occur as a direct result of plowing snow onto a public highway or street.  Also, Your neighbors do not want the snow pushed onto their property. This activity can also cause the snow to pile up on sidewalks, creating problems for pedestrians.


Violations of these laws may result in a fine of $1,000 per day per occurrence for each day the occurrence remains uncorrected.  The Middleport Police Department will be notified of any occurrences of violations.  They will issue summonses to violators.

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